Pack Rats to the Rescue

A blizzard is coming and to be a hoarder is to be a prepper. Everything that you thought might come in handy someday just might. The stash of kerosene lanterns, Coleman stoves, the army surplus cold weather gear, all may come out to shine. The old snow shoes,and  ancient wooden cross-country skis may see the […]

Get Rid of Your Stuff!

This is a product I received today called “Get Rid of Your Stuff!” from FileHeads Professional Organizers. These are laminated flash cards, each one labeled with the name of a way to get rid of your stuff. The opposite side of the card gives you information about why you might choose it and what sort […]

My Gifts To You

I’m getting into the Holiday Spirit and, as a result, I am adding two new items to this blog. The Resources Page with links to websites, recommended books, and a great filing system. This will be updated frequently. In the sidebar see the offering of a free E-Book, “The Legacy Years Guide to Downsizing Your […]

Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

My first ritual for preparing for Thanksgiving is to throw out last year’s frozen turkey. My husband is given one every year by his employer. We dutifully stash it in the freezer in anticipation of a great family gathering. Never happens. By the time we’ve accounted for the vegans and the paleos it sure doesn’t […]